And Just Like That…

…they are reviving Sex and the City and I have mixed feelings.

I LOVE Sex and City. When I was a park ranger and without internet or cable that was one of my only DVD sets. I watched it a lot. I have watched it steadily since I was 19. It’s one of my go to shows when I don’t know what to watch. It was really groundbreaking for the time. Women talking openly about sex and how wonderful and frustrating being a single in your 30’s can be. This show will pick up the story with the women in their 50’s. If the show follows in suit, it might be a little preview of my future life (but I will have less money). I have some of my favorite life lessons presented in this show. One that particularly comes to mind is when Charlotte exclaims that Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda are her soul mates. It was a big declaration for the character who above all believes in perfect love and soul mates.

I am of course excited to have more of one of my favorite shows of all time, but I don’t want them to ruin it. What more is there to explore? Even the second movie addressed menopause already. AND it wont have Samantha in it. I am just not sure I am on board for a remake without the whole crew. Here’s to hoping it’s a great continuation of the story. Now I will have to pay more money to get HBO Max. Oy – dang you HBO!

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Just When I Thought I Was Done…

…learning from Disney movies they make a cute Christmas movie for Disney Plus.

It’s a beautiful rainy morning in Southern California and I was watching ‘Noelle’ on Disney Plus (after a wonderful morning snuggling with my dude- he had gone to work at this point). Aside from being cute and set mostly in Phoenix, AZ (really enjoyed the references to home), it really taught me something. At the end of the movie Noel said to her another character “traditions change.” She is speaking to her friend who is a divorced dad who is debating spending Christmas with his son, ex wife, and her new husband. He feels like he wont fit in or it will be awkward. She tells him that traditions change and that can be scary but it can also be great. It hit me in my feels hahahaha. Traditions change and that’s okay. They have to change with growth and change in a family or friends or circumstances and that’s okay.

Last year on Christmas night I wound up spending the night with my dad and step mom and her family. I cried all the drive over to my dad’s house. Not because I don’t like my step mom or her family, I do. I was crying because that seemed like an official end to my old traditions when I was little. It had been years since my parents got divorced but it hit me in that moment. This holiday Disney movie brought me back to that moment and hit home. Traditions change and that’s okay. The new traditions can be great too (especially when your step mom makes the most delicious homemade jam and gives you some to take home).

Like getting a real Christmas tree with my dude. It was the best anniversary present ever. It’s a lovely gesture of our first real Christmas together (officially). It isn’t decorated yet but it was still so nice to wake up to this morning. I love it! So here’s to holding old traditions close to the heart and embracing the new ones.