Yet Another New…


The phrase the ‘new normal’ keeps being reinvented. I get a handle on one and it flips. I suppose this is life, but it’s on hyper drive compared to a non pandemic time. So in my new normal I work full time again (YAY!) but that’s only promised for a short time (which is okay I get it). This work is mostly from home which is new. My couch becomes uncomfortable to work at after awhile because I am hunched over my laptop. I ordered a lap desk but it only helps a little because it’s a piece of junk (I should learn that you get what you pay for). I do go in from time to time for various efforts but it’s sporadic. It’s nice to go into my office and see the animals. I have taken Marty a couple of times and he loves it. All the space and people.

A new financial normal. I have been REALLY lucky to have gotten in early on unemployment. I am so thankful for the hardworking people in that department. I got used to the process and amount. Now it is confused by this temporary full time work in a system I don’t understand. Normally, that wouldn’t be so bad and I would take the time to learn it BUT my financial future depends on it which is SCARY. I better get to studying.

Where I live. I had gotten really used to spending most of time at my dudes house. I no longer had to worry and debate where to sleep. We had a system and it worked. Now I am back to splitting my time with half my stuff at his place and half at mine. Of course when I really need something it’s at the other house. I just don’t like the debate of where to stay and why and all the other concerns that go with that. It’s draining.

Let’s see what the next ‘new normal’ looks like. Any predictions?