Just When I Think I Am On The Mend…

…holy mother loving fatigue today.

Damn you long covid. I have been starting to have more good days which made me hopeful – until now. I have muscle, body and brain fatigue today. It’s not great. It’s a bit of an effort to breathe. Not like I can’t breathe, I can just feel the effort and slight pain in every breathe in my chest muscles. I can feel where the wire in my bra is because it’s causing me pain in my sensitive muscles and skin. I just want to feel okay. I will take okay and not good. It’s hard to have a long work month and feel like this. And not knowing when it’s going to hit this bad.

Blood Work is Back…

…and I appear to be in excellent health.

So I finally made it to the doctor for a check up and help with managing the long covid. She wants to rule everything else out first before we say long covid so I gave over various bodily fluids for testing. You all be happy to know everything came back normal. I am healthy as a horse and STI free (I always throw in those tests for good measure). I am not even anemic anymore which is a small miracle. Does that mean we have ruled out everything else? I have no idea. I just read the test results. Where do I go from here? I have no idea. So I guess I will just keep waiting it out.

I have done pretty well at my New Year’s Resolution to drink more water. I put flavoring in it, but it’s still water. I have found that I have to pee more and now am thirsty easier. Not too psyched on the being hydrated so far but I am gonna keep moving forward with it.

I don’t have anything heartfelt at the moment, but I will revisit something that happened a couple of weeks ago soon. To all my long haul covid folks out there – stay strong. I am choosing to have faith that one day we will be okay again. One day soon I hope.

Pushed it Too Far Yesterday…

…planting trees with long COVID.

We had our first big planting event of the season last year and it nearly killed me. It’s an incredibly physically demanding day. About half way through my fatigue really set in, but there was no choice but to continue with my very physical day. Afterwards it’s was hard to move and that is not an exaggeration in any way. My muscle not only ached but burned and felt tight all at the same time. I was also just plain exhausted. All I could do was hang out on the couch and watch TV. I went to bed at 7:30 pm and was asleep by 8:30 pm. I am slightly better today, but not by a lot. I am at least functional. Can this long COVID please just go away now? Haven’t I payed my dues? After work today, I will spend the rest of my weekend resting in attempt to survive next week. Wish me luck.

That Was A Rough Wave…

…of long COVID.

Symptoms ebb and flow. This week was a resurgence of them all. My taste went wonky again (this is a new recurring symptom). I tested several times to ensure it wasn’t just COVID again – negative. Then fatigue and muscle fatigue especially set in. Then I felt kind of better for day…which is when the GI issues set in. Couldn’t be far from a restroom yesterday. It was instant and painful GI symptoms all fucking day long. Did lose a few pounds in a day though. The feeling of being simultaneously hungry and sick is one I am ready to not have anymore. So once again with feeling – fuck you long covid, fuck you.