‘Mental Illness is Not A Costume…’

…but it could be in a positive way.

I saw this statement online and it got me thinking. What if I dressed up like my anxiety? What if I dressed like my anxiety personally feels to me. Would that help people understand it better and judge it less. What if we all did? What if we had a version of one Halloween or like October 30th where we all dress as something personal about us, with a stigma, to try to show people and educate people about it and remove stigmas?

What would you dress as?

In my mind my anxiety would be a repeat of my OCD (is the oven off? did I blow the candle out?) but only in even numbers because that’s a ritual for me. My hair and face would be perfect however to represent the face I put on to hide it. I would also wear two different shoes; a heel and a sneaker because I think it represents two people who live in us all. And an RBG necklace to show who I want to make proud with the rights she has helped provide to me and all of my generation.