Dipping My Toes Back Into…

…the dating pool.

I went on my first first date in almost 3.5 years on Sunday. Overall it was pretty fun. We wound up hanging out for like 7 hours. I don’t know if it will go anywhere but it was a good first foray back into the dating pool (even the the pool is shallow and full of pee). I kept thinking – I wonder if he likes me (he was a little confusing with signals) and then I realized it – does it matter? It was one date why was I giving if someone I just met liked me so much thought. My mind has been pretty peaceful since that realization. I was really nervous before though – like sick to my stomach nervous. It was just so weird being on a date with someone that wasn’t him. I am glad it turned out well though. Hopefully they continue along that line. Although why do all these guys want to the predominant topic of conversation to be sex like all the time. Yeah sex it great but shit men we just started talking and you don’t even know my last name – I don’t wanna talk about kinks and fantasies and other stuff like that yet – I don’t even know you. Believe it or not we are not all dying to have your dick inside us before we’ve even met in person mmmmmk. Just talk like a normal person. That message is to dudes in general btw – my date was actually very polite – mostly.

Another Thing Getting a Job and Dating…

…have in common.

I am picking this up from the second interview/date point. Things on your first meeting went well. Your optimistic, but not so invested your nervous yet. Then they call for a second interview or a date. Nerves start to set it in. They’re interested, your interested. Your brain starts thinking of all the possibilities of where this could go. It starts from an excited place of all the great things that might be happening; you get the job and it’s great or you’ve met someone who you really like and start seeing me he future relationship in best terms. Then you realize your getting ahead of yourself and try to reign it in. This works but then you start thinking of all the ways it could go south. What if the second interview/date doesn’t go well and your hope sinks like the Titanic. Suffice it say you’re fairly nervous and psyched out by the second interview/date. You sound nervous at first, but then you calm down and start being yourself. It goes well. You feel good and hopeful again. But now your just waiting, checking your texts/email all the time waiting for an indication that they are on the same page you are. Then you start analyzing the by they might not be or how you might have misread how well it went. Do you tell people about the exciting potential opportunity? But if you do that and it doesn’t work out, then you have to tell everyone you weren’t chosen. I haven’t told a lot of people about this job interview for that reason (I have told some who helped me prepare, and you all). I don’t want to show them my disappointment of it doesn’t work out. Anyone else struggle with that? That’s my stage right now with the job I really want. Waiting, checking my email a bunch of times a day. It’s a very similar process to dating. Amazingly similar. Do you think that’s a coincidence or just a result of human nature? That we do important things in a similar way? I’ve definitely been on first dates that felt like interviews.

Second Vaccination Today…

…and I can’t help but be a tad nervous.

I am not afraid of needles and I do not think there is a tracking device in the vaccine (who comes up with this shit?). Also, we all already carry around at least one tracking device at all times, our phones. Shit, at this point put an iPad in me as long as I get movie theater popcorn with peanut M&m’s mixed in again. I miss the movies so much! I had a sore arm and slight fatigue with the first shot. So I don’t expect any crazy side effects. I am happy to weather the side effects to gain the benefits for me and those around me. If this is just a preview of COVID symptoms then COVID must have been real bad. I am sorry if you experienced COVID or had a loss due to COVID. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get vaccinated. I am grateful for my new place of employment that offered everything possible to encourage and allow the employees to be vaccinated. In 2 hours I will be fully vaccinated and in 2-3 weeks I will be reap the rewards. I will keep you all posted in how it goes. I am still hoping for super powers of some kind.

Does anyone else think it’s just so cool that Dolly Parton was a major funding source of the vaccine? She is freaking awesome. More about that in my next Role Models in the Public eye segment 😉