Happy October…

…is the best time of the year!

And I am hoping it’s better then the rest of the year has been for the world. I am also excited to see the pandemic pun costumes people post this year. I just tried Marty’s Halloween costume on him – he is going to be a spider. He was not thrilled with it but also not too miserable. I also need to switch him to his glow int he dark Halloween collar. If you have just started reading my blog you should now I live Halloween (and fall right into NYE).

It’s also the time of Pumpkin everything which I love because I am basic bitch and damn proud. I will like what I like dangit! Also, my allergies are back to not terrible so hooray! October is wonderful and I hope it brings some magic into your world.

Do you love fall, pumpkin all, and all Hallows Eve? Speak out loud and proud with me!