A New Toy…

…can sometimes lift the spirits.

I got an early Christmas present in the form of an Apple watch. I wanted one for awhile and they went on sale and my dad and step mom got me one. It sound silly but it was really nice because it provided something else to think about other then worrying about COVID and it’s financial impact on my life. It was a bright light of fun and still is. I am in competitions to complete my rings which is a nice distraction. It’s just interesting how much it helps to have a little treat.

Marty also got groomed today and that came with a little surprise. His groomer made an ornament of him and it’s so cute! I love it so much. It brought me a little joy in a time where a little joy means a lot. On a less fun note, Marty now recognizes the door to the groomers. He pulled on his leash and started shaking. The groomer is great and does a wonderful job, he just doesn’t like to not be with me at home. So the positive experience of the ornament helped 🙂 So did picking him up hahaha

It’s also Christmas tree day for my dudes house. It will bring some much needed holiday spirit and joy. Toys can be great distraction and uplift the spirit.