Do You Like Your Pajamas…

…cute with an edge of sexy or your boyfriends shirt and panties?

It sounds silly but it is something I have been wondering a lot lately. I usually wear one of my dudes shirts or just undies but I worry that isn’t putting enough effort in. The Queer Eye guys always say to people in relationships that grooming and wardrobe is as much for your partner as yourself. And I agree that you should put some effort in for your partner to show them they are worth that effort. But his shirts are comfy! lol So I have been shopping on the cute with an edge of sexy side and DAMN they are expensive. I have a brand that I like, In Bloom, and I finally found a super cute one on sale. I am happy about this but I want one or two more but it seems like such a weird thing to spend like $50 on. Maybe I am just cheap?

When on a regular work schedule – the biggest chunk of time we spend together is in bed watching tv or hanging out. Maybe for that reason it’s worth the investment? I seriously can’t decide how important putting effort into my sleepwear is.

Wearing his tshirts to sleep in and make breakfast in is about comfort – but not the in the obvious way. When I thought of the man that would be mine and being with him, I always looked forward to wearing his tshirts to sleep in. Have I worn other guys shirts? Of course. But there is something different about my dudes shirts. It’s comfort on another level – it’s homey. It what I wanted those other shirts to be but never quite were. What’s weirder is I feel cute in them (I am sure I look less then cute but hey it’s all about how ya feel right?).

Which side do you fall on? Which side do you prefer from your partner?