I Love My Birthday…

…and everyone else’s.

I love celebrating my birthday and other peoples birthdays. I think another year of life (and surviving it) it worth a big celebration! I think it’s worth celebrating the fact that your mom worked so hard and went through so much pain to bring you into the world on THAT day. The amazing things anyone of us has done since that day. What our lives mean to us and those around us. I love being joyful that you and I are in the world.

This year I feel kind of old though. I have Never felt old on a birthday – even when I turned 30 or 35. I don’t know why 36 suddenly feels old. Maybe it will pass before the actual day arrives. I hope it does because I would like to celebrate another year past and future year of possibilities. Maybe I will get a special birthday surprise – who knows.

Do You Ever Wonder How Your Exes Are…

…I do.

Today, I got to thinking what my major ex boyfriends are up to these days. At first I thought it was an odd stray whim, but then I thought a little deeper. I spent a year plus of my life with each of these people. I got to know them pretty well in the phase they were in in their lives at the time and they knew me. We had sex. I know that isn’t a huge deal but when I think about being intimate with someone and then a few years later having no clue what their life is like is kind of crazy.

*this is of my own doing. Once I am done with a man I don’t really want to sit around and watch him move on. But after time passes and disappointment fades – I would like to know what they are up to and if they are happy.

My first love and I have a few people in common so I have a good pulse that he is very happy and healthy. The others just sort of faded into the background of my life. I just find it so weird. Does anyone else wonder where their exes are now and if they are setting their own p(e)ace too? Do they wonder how I am?