Sunshine and Fresh Air…

…have become something to savor.

I have always lived in places that are nice to be outside for most of the year. Most of my careers have required outdoors activities – park ranger, museum activities, working with kids. Phoenix was hot for like 5 months but you went swimming and found ways to be outside for awhile. CA was no different; anytime I wanted to go for walk I could step outside my door and head for the beach. With all of the epidemic stuff happening that seems like a privilege that might be short lived or disappear for awhile. Or at least not be quite as easy as it was.

I went on a walk today with friends and it was amazing BUT there were soooo many people out. Maybe it was because we were in Dana Point Harbor and the weather was amazing but I mostly think it’s because everyone else there has the same concerns I do – that outings like that might not last int he immediate future.

Being outside feels amazing when self-quarantined all day. Even if it’s raining I am down to get wet (that sounded more sexual than I intended). Just breathing outside feels better. Moving my legs too. My job is very physical – I am pretty much constantly moving for at least 3 days of the week. It’s been more then one week of being more sedentary and I can feel it in my body and self esteem I swear. When they say sitting is the new smoking I am now a firm believer of that statement.

Gotta find ways to be more active in self quarantine.