Fucking Anxiety…


I don’t know if it’s being back at work full time or the fact that I am having a bit of separation anxiety from my dog (he’s getting groomed – I know it’s a bit silly but it’s true) but my anxiety has been not great lately. Especially right now – the smallest thing sets it off.

Someone in a leadership role at work asked if I was on site – no when would I be onsite – Monday – ok I will call you in a few. My mind jumps to “What am I about to get yelled at for?” I haven’t done anything to my knowledge to get yelled at for but my heart is still racing and my mind – my stomach hurts. All these physical manifestations of anxiety are really not awesome. The last 7 minutes since I got that text have felt like a year. Why does my brain and body do this to me? I have worked hard and done the best I know how to do so even if I do get yelled at I know it’s not due to negligence. Why can’t I let it roll off me like everyone else can?