That Dog Shaped Hole In My Life…

…is now filled!

I know it has been awhile since I have posted but that is because I have focused on my new family member. The most adorable rescue dog in California. His name is Marty and he is six years old. He has been home for five days and is adjusting amazingly well. He has not had ONE accident in the house and seems completely potty trained. It’s amazing! He loves to cuddle. He is getting better on a leash and walks behind us less and less and explores more on his own. He has three main people in his life – me, my roommate and my dude. He loves to play fetch with his stuffed animals – he will play with a ball but prefers the stuffed animals. He free feeds which is super cool and likes treats but isn’t super food motivated. I got him a grass patch for the porch for urgent potty needs. He needs some stairs for easy bed access. He can jump up there, but doesn’t make it every time and I don’t want him to hurt himself when he doesn’t make it with his long body shape. He is a mixed breed with cutest spaniel face! He loves to be outside in the sun with his furr blowing in the wind.

This is his Fabio pose

I am all for what people want but I can’t emphasize enough that there is no puppy love like that of a rescue. Adopt don’t shop! This little guy is the best and I am so happy he has a home now with so many people who love him, and that love is returned times 100. There are so many great dogs that need homes so adopt if you can. Thank you to the Green Dog Foundation!