Converse for Kamala, A Pantsuit for Hillary, and Pearls for Ruth…

…was a caption on someone person’s post today about voting.

They wore each item for each woman to honor them. I loved it instantly. This campaign I have said Kamala Harris is smart for many reasons but she always has comfortable shoes on which just makes a lot of practical sense to me. She still look professional and awesome but efficient as well. Everyone knows Hillary is the queen of the pantsuit! She rocked it and it became a symbol of power of sophistication. She could also poke fun at it which I love. Of course Ruth’s pearls. I find this one most powerful. When I think of pearls it used to be something a typical 50’s housewife wore. Then, Julia Childs rocked them when she lead the culinary world. RBG turned them into a symbol of female strength (perhaps it was to the housewife too but RBG transformed it and gave it power). It’s amazing the power of an accessory, the women who made them even more amazing.

I am nervous about the election today – I think everyone is. I can only hope we learned something the last four years and enact change. Four years ago I had no fear because I was so certain the most qualified person would be elected. I was very wrong. I hope for a better outcome for this country today. Most of all I hope for a peaceful outcome for all. I hope sense wins the day in all ways it can. Let’s listen to the wisdom of LMM. I Am The One Thing In Life I Can Control - Hamilton: Blank  Journal, Lyrics And Music, Lined/Ruled Paper And Staff, Manuscript Paper  For Notes, ... Gift, Book Notebook Journal 110

‘Mental Illness is Not A Costume…’

…but it could be in a positive way.

I saw this statement online and it got me thinking. What if I dressed up like my anxiety? What if I dressed like my anxiety personally feels to me. Would that help people understand it better and judge it less. What if we all did? What if we had a version of one Halloween or like October 30th where we all dress as something personal about us, with a stigma, to try to show people and educate people about it and remove stigmas?

What would you dress as?

In my mind my anxiety would be a repeat of my OCD (is the oven off? did I blow the candle out?) but only in even numbers because that’s a ritual for me. My hair and face would be perfect however to represent the face I put on to hide it. I would also wear two different shoes; a heel and a sneaker because I think it represents two people who live in us all. And an RBG necklace to show who I want to make proud with the rights she has helped provide to me and all of my generation.