Role Models in the Public Eye…

…who should be our TIME Magazine person of the year – Dolly Parton.

Dolly Parton celebrates 50 years as a member of the Grand Ole Opry

Dolly Parton is the shit. There is no other way to say it.

Most recently, she donated $1,000,000 to research for the Moderna COVID vaccine. This alone qualifies her as a role model. Instead of spending it on something immature and stupid like oh I don’t know, space tourism. She doesn’t need any of that bullshit to prove she is cool. She just is!

I love her because she could not give two shits what people think about her. She wants plastic surgery -she has the right to have it and she looks great. She does what she wants and when she wants. She also seems incredibly kind and good hearted.

She founded the charity Imagination Library, which provides free books to preschoolers, in 1995. Just incase you need more examples of her philanthropy over the years check out this article.

Maybe most importantly, she supports everyone being who they are and who they were born to be. She basically just wants us all to be happy. How could that not qualify her a role model?

Role Models in the Public Eye…

…Dan Levy.

I am about half way through Schitt$ Creek and have been introduced to the amazing human being that Dan Levy is. He not only costars in the show, but co-created it with his father, Eugene Levy. His sister is in it too and I love the whole family affair aspect. The jokes are hilarious and the timing is perfect. He has created a completely loveable character brought this beautiful LBGTQ character to our screens. He has given a role model for us all, but especially a group of people who needed one.

“To not have to define yourself or categorize yourself, I think, is beneficial to everyone. I think the more we can understand that people just exist and that as long as we’re doing good in this world, we don’t need to bother or worry about defining or classifying people, the sooner we’ll be in a better place.” -DL

One of my favorite moments in the show is when David and Stevie are using wine to discuss his preferences in a sexual partner.

He is open about his anxiety which is amazing. We need more people talking about and normalizing mental health. I really respect his being open and honest on this subject. Sometimes talking about your anxiety really helps! It can also cause some anxiety. It’s a weird oxymoron, but he dives in and lets us know we aren’t alone in our anxiety. Even the best of us deal with it (the best of us being Dan Levy).

He is an amazing guy and great role model. He is who he is and that’s what he gives in his writing, acting, and living life. How can you not love that? I have no idea what makes a better role model.

Role Models in the Public Eye…

…during a pandemic

This entry is a little different. This role model isn’t a person, it’s a store. Woolworths has created an hour of shopping for elderly and disbaled in this time of panic shopping. They have great potential to make nothing but crazy profit but they are looking after their customers who need it. I admire that so much – if I lived in Australia I would shop exclusively there for this reason alone. More stores should follow suit to see those who need it through this pandemic and not resort to finding toilet paper alternatives.

I know that some of the shelves are still bare but at least they are trying. What else can we do but try?

More stores have followed in suit since I started writing this yesterday! More signs of accomodation and kindness in the world!

Role Models in the Public Eye…

…part 5…I think…I am losing track…

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will share the stage at Super Bowl LIV next February. But the question is: Why? - The World News Daily
Rockin’ it!

I don’t normally lump people together in this segment but for the purposes of today’s admiration, I am going to. There was a lot of backlash over the Super Bowl Half Time show this year and I don’t understand a single but of it. The costumes were small but not unlike anything they have ever worn onstage and was to be expected. Let’s face it if I had those bodies I woulda worn a lot less, but that’s beside the point. To compare level of material use I refer you to EVERY cheer squad in the NFL who wear less and perform proactive dance moves on a weekly basis for football fans.

If you were on the side BUT WHAT ABOUT THE STRIPPER POLE? That was a show of strength and athleticism. Do you know how much muscle those moves take? Holy crap! Let’s see a football player do that. Jennifer Lopez learned all of that for hte movie Hustlers so why not show up some feats of strength and skill?

AS for Shakira and the now infamous tongue waggle, it has been suggested it’s a cultural/heritage part of her performance. Even if it’s not who cares? Seriously. Have you seen what she can do with her hips? Holy crap! That is a cool skill and takes crazy control and flexibility. I tried to do that once (who hasn’t who has seen a Shakira video) and I look like I am having a seizure.

If you were offended, there is a very easy way to fix that…change the channel or turn off your television set. No one was offended when Adam Levine was running around without a shirt grabbing himself. So why does two beautiful women showing off their talents and athletic abilities make so many people uncomfortable?

I personally think it was awesome and brave. They have both dealt with the backlash in a classy and admirable way which is why they made the cut for this list. You go ladies!

Role Models in the Public Eye…

…that you might question my taste over but hear me out.

We all have those t.v. shows, songs, and movies that we love but don’t admit to other people. This is an example of role models in the public eye that fall under that list – except I am not afraid to admit it. You may not agree but I am asking you to hear me out and consider adding them to your instagram for a little inspiration.

The Bella Twins
@thenikkibella @thebriebella

I learned about the Bella Twins when I started watching Total Divas. They were by far the most interesting on the show because they were ambitious and unafraid to be who they are – flaws and all. These two have done what they needed to create a kind of a empire with a loyal following (including me!). They had successful wrestling careers and saw a point from bad acting and escorting men to the ring to being a bad ass wrestling duo showing their fitness and athletic ability. They parlayed their wrestling career into a fashion line, wine brand, and more. They cover the whole field of goals between the two. Despite being twins they live life at their own p(e)ace while supporting each other and all women along the way. That doesn’t always happen. If that isn’t worth admiration, I don’t know what is.

Role Models in the Public Eye…

…setting their own p(e)ace.

After posting about my new crush yesterday and how much I enjoyed and related to his honesty about his mental illness not being mental weakness, I decided to share my role models that are in the public eye and using their platform positively. I highly recommend checking out their Instagram and other platforms. I have many, many and it will take a few posts to share them all, but I hope you enjoy this first one.

Jameela Jamil @jameelajamilofficial

I first became of fan am Jameela Jamil’s by watching the Good Place. I was told by a friend to follow her social media because she was really inspiring. She is! She shares her experiences and stories on a variety of topics including eating disorders and birth control. She is unapologetically herself and I love it. She an inspiration to tell your story and stand up for what you believe and live by it.

Wil Wheaton @itswilwheaton

I have been in love with Wil Wheaton since he was Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: Next Generation. Putting this life long love aside, Wil Wheaton is an advocate for being yourself no matter what and not allowing anyone to tell you it’s wrong. I saw his talk at a comicon in Phoenix and he was talking about being your kind of nerd. Don’t let anyone take your identifier of ‘nerd’ if you aren’t nerdy about what they are (he used Dr. Who as an example). I related to this statement soooo much! He is also very open about sharing his battle with depression. He is one to admired.