It’s Been A Week…

…Yes it’s only Monday.

By a week I am including the last 4 days really. I got a booster shot. Yay! While it was still totally worth it to reduce my symptoms if I get COVID, those side effects were brutal. I had the body aches all over again but also a bout of crippling nausea to go with it. If you know me, you know there is nothing worse in my book then nausea. This was insane tho. One second I am making coffee and in the next second I am running for a bathroom to vomit. No like ‘oh my tummy hurts’ phase – 0 to 60 in a second. Luckily that only lasted about 20 minutes. The body aches persist through today tho. Not nearly as bad but uncomfortable for sure. I ended the night with about an hour of lightning headaches, which compared to the nausea weren’t so bad. Let me stress that I would do it all over again for the added protection.

Additionally I picked a fight with my dude. SO that was awesome. I really over achieved on that one.

Which brings us to today and the dentist. About 4 days ago I was minding my own business eating a mini Twix and ZING pain in my tooth. Guess whose getting her third root canal before 40?! That makes $2400+ into my mouth in the last year. Hell, in the last 2 months. Not fun. Kinda pissed. Luckily, I have a supportive helpful family.

SO yeah – that is why the last few days have not been awesome. How are you all doing with 2022 so far?!

I Hate My Teeth…

…almost as much as I hate my past self.

I was indulging in my mini twix yesterday was my tooth zinged in pain. Not good. Ever since anything set’s it off. Hot, cold, sweet, cold air, room temperature water. Not a great sign. Got a dentist appt on Monday. Just hoping it’s a crown and not a root canal. Had my second root canal last month and it sucked way worse then my first one, don’t know why. Tooth placement maybe. Hurt my wallet too. $1200+ with dental insurance. Fuck me, I really don’t want to do this all again so soon. But if you leave dental work it only gets worse. So gonna suck it up and go and take the emotional and financial hit. I am so tired of going to the dentist. And I really like my dentist. That’s why I go to OC still instead of finding one in San Diego. Hard to find a dentist you can trust. Anywho, send good vibes to my wallet and mouth.

Of the Fewer Firsts Left at 35…

… a root canal was one I was hoping to delay.

But I would not be so fortunate, as today was the day. I am not trying to say I don’t have a lot of life to live or that I don’t have any good ‘firsts’ left in my life. It’s just that I feel like I have experienced the majority of my good firsts already and today was not a great one. My head hurts and I am still numb. It wasn’t so bad though and didn’t take long (less then an hour). I put in my airpods and pushed my brain to a different place. That being said, it was by no means pleasant or an experience I would like to repeat. I am super hungry but don’t dare eat for fear of chewing the right side of my mouth to shreds. Also, I think it would all dribble out of my mouth. My right lower side always needs more numbing so it takes forever to wear off. I am going to attempt water soon. Once I am not numb I am switching to water and wine as my liquid diet. Dental work man. I am grateful it’s available (I have more filling then tooth), but it is expensive and tiring.

I bought a caramel candy flavor taste testing sampler from Trader Joe’s yesterday. HAHAHAHA that was stupid. I can’t eat it until I get my crown permanently cemented and now it’s taunting me from the cabinet. Dang you caramels! hahaha

Fabulous and Brunette: Dental Pain Sucks!