A Butterfly High Five…

…kept me running today!

So in continuing my building up to be able to run the Halloween 5K I went for a ‘ralk’ today. I ran at one minute or slightly over one minute intervals when I felt I could. I started out well and it got harder naturally as I got deeper into my ‘ralk.’ I learned some lessons on today’s ‘ralk’ and I am here to share them.

  1. I am going to need a light knee brace to continue to do this. I have it under control when I am walking and me knee gives out but it happened when running and I almost ate it.
  2. Always have a bathroom on my running path.
  3. I need start carrying water.
  4. Running on asphalt is better then sidewalk.
  5. I need new running shoes in the near future.
  6. I need shorts!

I had to stop for a water bottle at Sprouts (forgive me environment I really need the hydration). So I stopped in at Home Goods while I was at it in search of night stands and lesson #2 (hahahahaha ok I am a child).

In the last half mile of my ‘ralk’ I got tired and there were a bunch of butterflies so I decided I was done with the R (running) portion of my walk. As I was walking a butterfly gave me a high five (ok it flew into my hand but it counts). I didn’t even have my hand out it was just by side. That butterfly encouraged me to run another 1/4 mile. That might not sound like a whole lot to you or any experienced runner but it was a lot to me when I was tired, hot, and didn’t wanna run anymore. Thanks little butterfly!

I may be slower then a turtle but I am out there doing it!