Yesterday I Saw A Lot of My Life Goals…

…for different stages of my life.

The spotting of my life goals started when I went to the movies. I have Tuesdays off and that is the discount day at the movie theater. I decided to take myself on a date to see Downton Abbey. There was an older couple sitting next to me. They shared popcorn and when the popcorn was gone they held hands. I have always said I want someone’s hand to hold throughout life and love. I couldn’t help but I hope I get so lucky as to have a hand to hold at the movies in my old age.

The second life goal I spotted was on my ‘ralk’ (my term for my Halloween 5K as it is a mix of walking and running). We have talked about my want to be the cute, fit woman in the sports bra just exercising, enjoying it, and looking awesome. Well she ran by me yesterday – confident, fit, tan, and great runner. Instead of being jealous I am now using her as a frame of reference for this goal. I am sure she started out like me and got where she is through dedication and hard work. Kudos to her and thanks to her inspiration, I ran farther then I ever have before! 1.77 miles is a lot in my world – note I did not say the longest because there was walking mixed in for a total 4.22 miles combined running and walking. Running is slowly getting a little easier and little less forced. I am hoping I finish the Halloween 5K with a decent time.

After my run, I met my work wife at the nail salon for a pedicure. The woman next to me was getting the deluce mani and pedi. I know it’s pedi (petty – pun) life goal but I would so love to be in a place financially that I can do that and not feel guilty. I already feel a bit of guilt for getting the basic pedicure. I life with deluxe manicures and pedicures…ahhhh I feel relaxed just day dreaming about it. She probably gets regular massages too which would be awesome!

My life goals may seem a bit simple but I truly believe that happiness and joy are found in the simple or little things. You already know that if you follow by blog but to drive the point home check out Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee from Zombieland below (his character understood this in his search for a Twinkie in the zombie apocalypse).

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A Butterfly High Five…

…kept me running today!

So in continuing my building up to be able to run the Halloween 5K I went for a ‘ralk’ today. I ran at one minute or slightly over one minute intervals when I felt I could. I started out well and it got harder naturally as I got deeper into my ‘ralk.’ I learned some lessons on today’s ‘ralk’ and I am here to share them.

  1. I am going to need a light knee brace to continue to do this. I have it under control when I am walking and me knee gives out but it happened when running and I almost ate it.
  2. Always have a bathroom on my running path.
  3. I need start carrying water.
  4. Running on asphalt is better then sidewalk.
  5. I need new running shoes in the near future.
  6. I need shorts!

I had to stop for a water bottle at Sprouts (forgive me environment I really need the hydration). So I stopped in at Home Goods while I was at it in search of night stands and lesson #2 (hahahahaha ok I am a child).

In the last half mile of my ‘ralk’ I got tired and there were a bunch of butterflies so I decided I was done with the R (running) portion of my walk. As I was walking a butterfly gave me a high five (ok it flew into my hand but it counts). I didn’t even have my hand out it was just by side. That butterfly encouraged me to run another 1/4 mile. That might not sound like a whole lot to you or any experienced runner but it was a lot to me when I was tired, hot, and didn’t wanna run anymore. Thanks little butterfly!

I may be slower then a turtle but I am out there doing it!

A Physical Challenge…

…and a reality check!

This weekend was Tallships Festival which is an incredibly physical event. I walked over 20,000 steps per day always go go go. This event provided me with a reality check on my current physical health and weight. I know I have put on weight in the last year, I am not blind – but man by the end of those festival days I was dead on my feet. I felt pain in the bottom of my feet and my knees and that is due to the extra weight.

Please don’t get me wrong – I love and appreciate my body at pretty much any weight. I carry a little extra weight well in the looks department. My body has gotten me around for 33 years and given me all I need to live my life. Extra weight will never make me hate it or pick at it. The regular sex is proof I am still damn cute and feel cute. This isn’t about being skinny and conforming to that. This is about health and living up to my potential physically.

So it’s time do something for my physical health and how I feel. It’s time to eat a little better (I am not on board with drastic, crazy diets I can’t maintain), and getting more physical. This is where my Halloween 5K challenge to myself comes in! I HATE RUNNING! Seriously hate it – but I am going to prove I can do it. When I meet this challenge I will be in a better place physically. Today is day one of training. I will keep you posted on the progress.

I will never give up my chips, but it’s time to ration them for awhile 😉