I Finished ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ and…

…here are my thoughts. Spoiler alert (the end was spoiled for me so I wanna warn ya)

Overall I found the series entertaining and very different from Sabrina the Teenage Witch – which is very good in my opinion. It is a much darker tale with a much darker ending. I thought the character development was great and enjoyed existing in this world for awhile.

The Ending, I thought was very fitting for dark story. I had read that people were upset with the ending and that is sent the wrong message. I didn’t read the article for fear of more spoilers, but it wasn’t hard to guess. Sabrina (both of them) perish and Nick ends his life to be with her in the afterlife. I thought it was a good ending that would please fans of the show- a show which any watcher knows isn’t real. Young people aren’t stupid- they know the show is fantasy and view it as such. It wont lead young minds to commit suicide if they can’t be together so everyone just take a breathe. If you think it might, then we better stop having kids read Romeo and Juliet as well. At least in this version one of them dies to save everyone else in the story line. Nick Scratch (PS LOVE HIM) simply show up int he afterlife with Sabrina after ‘taking a swim in the sea of sorrows – wicked undertow.’ There is no gruesome death scene with sobbing about not being able to live without her, it’s just not Nick’s style. It was simply a decision in the story to satisfy the fans. It also breathes some hope into the story of Sabrina and the peace she has achieved- they both still exist just in a different plain of existence. It brings back a hopeful air.

As a big fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in my younger years, I really appreciated all the nods to the original series in the second to last episode. The return of the original aunts was fun and made sense in the story line. They worked that in nicely. I also liked that Salem was a talking puppet again in the ‘show’ version of Sabrina’s life. They call over the microphone that ‘Mr. Saberhagen’ (spelling?) should report to the set and as OG fans know, Salem was Sabrina’s Uncle who broke magical law and his punishment was like 100 years as a cat or something and his name was Salem Saberhagen. Not having Melissa Joan Hart make an appearance was the right call. There were already two Sabrina’s and we didn’t need a third. They did say there was a previous Sabrina on the ‘show’ and I assumed it was a tip of the hat to our OG Sabrina and that was enough for me.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show – the added characters and it’s dark nature. I think it ended at the right time and had a satisfying ending for fans. It acknowledged the original series while creating something completely new. I recommend it if you like a little dark side to your entertainment.