Me, My TV, and…

…how quarantine is changing it.

I have always really liked TV and movies. Shows and movies allow me escape my world for awhile and wind down at the end of the day. They provide social connections to those around you and a way to find common ground with someone you have trouble connecting with.

Lately, with the self-quarantine there hasn’t been much else to do but watch tv (yes I read and I have more books on the way). That is slowly fundamentally changing my relationship with TV to something I am sort of trapped doing. Yes people found a million other ways to spend their time (maybe better ones) but I am having a hard time doing that. My apartment is clean, I workout almost every day, and I still work a bit. I am just out of things to do (insert shrug here). I don’t want TV and movies to morph into something I do because there is no other option but right now that is the case.

I can’t wait until my new books get here.

What has COVID changed in your life? Anything you used to enjoy and relax with that is now starting to change and grate on you?

Or am I just worried I am lazy and I am watching too much TV? Possible.

Sunshine and Fresh Air…

…have become something to savor.

I have always lived in places that are nice to be outside for most of the year. Most of my careers have required outdoors activities – park ranger, museum activities, working with kids. Phoenix was hot for like 5 months but you went swimming and found ways to be outside for awhile. CA was no different; anytime I wanted to go for walk I could step outside my door and head for the beach. With all of the epidemic stuff happening that seems like a privilege that might be short lived or disappear for awhile. Or at least not be quite as easy as it was.

I went on a walk today with friends and it was amazing BUT there were soooo many people out. Maybe it was because we were in Dana Point Harbor and the weather was amazing but I mostly think it’s because everyone else there has the same concerns I do – that outings like that might not last int he immediate future.

Being outside feels amazing when self-quarantined all day. Even if it’s raining I am down to get wet (that sounded more sexual than I intended). Just breathing outside feels better. Moving my legs too. My job is very physical – I am pretty much constantly moving for at least 3 days of the week. It’s been more then one week of being more sedentary and I can feel it in my body and self esteem I swear. When they say sitting is the new smoking I am now a firm believer of that statement.

Gotta find ways to be more active in self quarantine.

I Have Seen Creativity…

…kindness, family time, and so much more during this time of self quarantine.

I went on a 5 mile walk today (it’s easier with all this time and a beach nearby) and got to thinking about some of the good side effects of this self quarantine. Keep in mind I am in no way saying that a pandemic or quarantines are good, especially for my salary, but I do think it has helped bring out peoples creativity and an opportunity for family time (of course I say this as someone who isn’t trapped at home with kids all day).

I see so many more family units on walks, at the park, playing catch, and doing all kinds of things. It’s a really cool thing to witness. When I was a kid there weren’t nearly as many options to stare at screens so I played outside a lot. I hadn’t seen much of that – in fact I have had a hard time getting them off their phone when whales and other cool animals are in front of them. So seeing them all out, together, playing and running and having fun is cool

My friends, and people of social media, are SO creative! Especially with their kiddos and keeping them happy and entertained. They had a ‘baking show’ where they live streamed and hosted the show while making cookies, they turned their kids into robots with makeup, the arts and crafts projects are off the charts! It’s so cool to see. They have quarantine date ideas. My favorite suggestion I will be trying to to build a fort and have a picnic in it. That sounds awesome!

As for me, turns out I am a master brunch chef. Seriously my brunches have been good and pretty good for us! Now all I need is a mimosa.

I know it isn’t the best circumstance to have all of this creativity and quality time flowing, but maybe when this is all over we can keep of the things we learned in our everyday lives.