And Just Like That…

…they are reviving Sex and the City and I have mixed feelings.

I LOVE Sex and City. When I was a park ranger and without internet or cable that was one of my only DVD sets. I watched it a lot. I have watched it steadily since I was 19. It’s one of my go to shows when I don’t know what to watch. It was really groundbreaking for the time. Women talking openly about sex and how wonderful and frustrating being a single in your 30’s can be. This show will pick up the story with the women in their 50’s. If the show follows in suit, it might be a little preview of my future life (but I will have less money). I have some of my favorite life lessons presented in this show. One that particularly comes to mind is when Charlotte exclaims that Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda are her soul mates. It was a big declaration for the character who above all believes in perfect love and soul mates.

I am of course excited to have more of one of my favorite shows of all time, but I don’t want them to ruin it. What more is there to explore? Even the second movie addressed menopause already. AND it wont have Samantha in it. I am just not sure I am on board for a remake without the whole crew. Here’s to hoping it’s a great continuation of the story. Now I will have to pay more money to get HBO Max. Oy – dang you HBO!

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The Jury Is Back…

…and jury duty still pretty much sucks.

I had jury duty today and it was boring! Which in a way is a blessing because I really didn’t want to be on a jury again. I was put on a jury at the age of 20 and it was okay but very intimidating at the same time. The idea that I had a big hand in this person’s fate (in this sense) was very scary to me at that age…and this one. Not to mention it is my Saturday and I had to get up earlier and drive farther then if I had gone to work.

So I woke my ass up at 6:20 am on my Saturday, left a warm bed with a hot man, and proceeded to get ready. I was all ready with plenty of time to get there (even packed a snack) when I realize I don’t have my phone. NOOOOOOO! It is not only my main source of entertainment during jury duty but my directions to jury duty. So after 15 minutes of searching the apartment I came up empty. Then I had to resort to waking the hot man up so he can call me so I can find my freakin’ phone. At that point, I know I am going to be late but I am going to need to take the toll road to make it less late so I get to pay to go to jury duty. I make it there, I park, and I run into the courthouse to find that there a bunch of late folks so I feel less bad. So I check in and start streaming my shows using my new airpods, which were key. My phone is older so it doesn’t keep a charge longer then a couple of hours with constant use. So I plugged it into the external battery, that the hot man so thoughtfully charged for me the night before, while still keeping myself entertained because my airpods don’t need to be plugged into the normal charging port.

So they proceed to call people into interviews, etc. and my name isn’t called. We get a two hour lunch and I am wondering what to do with myself. I have been doing really well with my week of cutting calories low and suddenly there’s junk food in the cafeteria calling my name. I ate Cheetohs and grilled cheese and fries before we were dismissed. I am thankful for the dismissal before traffic got bad but it was so boring. I was going out of my mind a little bit. I know that jury duty is an important civic duty and I am willing to do so, that doesn’t make it suck any less. Man this being an adult crap is overrated.

The whole time I was in jury duty I kept flashing back to the sex and the city episode when Carrie has jury duty. “As far as I’m concerned, before 9:00 am every body’s guilty” or something along those lines. It was funny when I watched it, but seemed really true at 7:45 am being late and stuck in traffic. Have any TV moments ever directly correlated to what’s happening in your life?

Finding Money to Spend…

…on myself.

There is a Sex in the City episode that has spoken to me recently. The episode opens with Carrie buying an endless amount of gifts of an endless amount of registries looking for affordable items. Later in the show she adds up how much she spent celebrating one person’s life choices (engagement gift, wedding gift, travel for the wedding, baby gifts) and it’s not a small number. I started really thinking about this concept and it’s completely right.

She also says, “I’m thrilled to give you gifts to celebrate your life I just think it stinks that single people are left out of it.” She’s right – it does stink. I have spent so much of my hard earned money on others that I will never see if I don’t get married or have babies. (Everyone has birthdays that doesn’t count). This is not to make anyone feel bad about gifts purchased for you but it really does stink for single folks.

Every time I go to purchase something for myself I second guess it…do I really want to spend that money? When purchasing a gift I don’t think twice about spending more then whatever it was I wanted for me. So how much can I spend on myself without feeling guilty? Is there any money left after buying all the gifts I need to buy? Is there money for those gifts int he first place?

Does anyone else have this problem?

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