Andrea Goes To NYC…

…and has an awesome time!

I went to NYC last weekend and it was great except my friend who was going to meet me couldn’t come. It did give me a chance to make a new friend though and she was a ton of fun! I saw 2 musicals on Broadway: SIX and Moulin Rouge. The whole trip was based around seeing Aaron Tviet before he left the show and he was AMAZING. Swoon worthy for sure. He makes his talent look so effortless – I know it’s not. He was everything I dreamed and I am so glad I got to see him perform live. Bucket list item checked off. I loved both shows but I gotta say i enjoyed SIX more as a show. It was bright and funny with amazing performers. All about girl power and ‘herstory!’ Absolutely AMAZING. I went to two museums: The Met and the American Museum of Natural History. I only had about two hours in both and definitely didn’t see everything. What I did see what great. I saw the In America An Anthology of Fashion exhibit. AMAZING. So beautiful and powerful. Stunning and worth waiting in line for. I blew through a few other exhibits as well. I spent a lot of time in the Nat in the human origins exhibit. I had studied so ‘Lucy’ throughout my undergrad and it was amazing to see the real deal on exhibit. Also went to see the dinosaurs so I could send photos to my nephew. Had to see the blue whale so I blew through that section too. I had a couple of good meals: gnocchi mac and cheese which was rich and delicious was my high light (other then the bagel but I knew that would be amazing). Had a cosmo of course! Had to. I had my new friend for the shows but most everything else I did by myself. I thought I would be nervous but really I felt independent and strong. I got to through the museums at my pace without worrying about another person being bored. Ubers were my big unexpected cost. I was running short on time and it was pouring rain most of the weekend so I ended up ubering a lot more and walking a lot less then expected. Worth it though! I got the saver tickets on Alaska airline but got really lucky with a aisle seat both ways and an empty middle seat on the way back. my roomie watched Marty so I knew he was in good hands which meant I could enjoy my trip. Tax refund put to good use 😉 It was wonderful and I can’t wait for my next travel adventure.

“Divorced, Beheaded, Died…

…Divorced, Beheaded, Survived.”

I am newly into the soundtrack for Six The Musical. Who hasn’t been a bit fascinated by Henry the 8th and all of his wives? This is an interesting way of telling the story without Henry’s perspective. It is history with a flare of the modern. I am really enjoying it and recommend you give it a listen.

Six (musical) - Wikipedia