Blood Work is Back…

…and I appear to be in excellent health.

So I finally made it to the doctor for a check up and help with managing the long covid. She wants to rule everything else out first before we say long covid so I gave over various bodily fluids for testing. You all be happy to know everything came back normal. I am healthy as a horse and STI free (I always throw in those tests for good measure). I am not even anemic anymore which is a small miracle. Does that mean we have ruled out everything else? I have no idea. I just read the test results. Where do I go from here? I have no idea. So I guess I will just keep waiting it out.

I have done pretty well at my New Year’s Resolution to drink more water. I put flavoring in it, but it’s still water. I have found that I have to pee more and now am thirsty easier. Not too psyched on the being hydrated so far but I am gonna keep moving forward with it.

I don’t have anything heartfelt at the moment, but I will revisit something that happened a couple of weeks ago soon. To all my long haul covid folks out there – stay strong. I am choosing to have faith that one day we will be okay again. One day soon I hope.