I Hate Valentine’s Day…

…I hate Valentines Day not.

I have a like/hate relationship with this holiday. My Grandpa died on Valentine’s Day and there is simply no escaping it. It’s every where I look on February 14th. His absence is in all the moments of the day. He was a spectacular Grandpa and as far as I know a spectacular Valentine to my Grandma. She had passed about 6 months earlier and we always say he couldn’t spend Valentines Day without his Valentine for even a year. It’s hard. But I like the idea of spreading love to anyone and everyone. I also like getting flowers. I am sending some special presents out myself. I have zero problem with Galentines Day however. That I fully endorse.

Also, you can have a box of heart shaped donuts delivered to someone through Krispy Kreme. Which is super cute. Superbowl weekend you get 2 dozen glazed for $13. Ordering those for my tree maintenance volunteers on Monday.