Dragging Today…

…anyone else feeling the same?

I am dragging ass today. I just feel sluggish and a bit unmotivated. Maybe it is the knowledge that is a short week? Maybe it’s because I haven’t had two days off in a row in awhile. Maybe it’s the drastic change in weather making my allergies worse. I don’t know. But is anyone else feeling it today? Also, I hope the retail workers out there get some good rest leading up to Black Friday. I have been there and it’s not awesome. Thank you for your hard work and dealing with the extra stress. Any who – gonna suck it up and be productive because I am thankful that my time in retail is over and I don’t have to work Black Friday.

Just Remember It Might Be Monday but It's a Short Week That Ends With Pie  and Shopping We Can Do This *Doesn't Apply to Retail Workers | Mondays Meme  on ME.ME

It’s only 2 Days After Halloween…

…and over 3 weeks until Thanksgiving and I am already seeing Christmas everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays. September – January is my absolute favorite time of year and I can’t believe how fast the first half of this time has gone. I saw my first Christmas TV commercial on Halloween night! Crazy. I am still appreciating Dia de los Muertos and coming off my Halloween high trying not to be sad that part is over and Christmas is already coming in hot. We still have Thanksgiving y’all – let’s not rush through the season. I still totally support doing what makes you happy. You wanna put up your tree- DO IT! But just let Thanksgiving have it’s time too. enjoy the build up to that and all it brings. Pumpkin season isn’t over just yet. I’m excited for peppermint mocha too, but in it’s time which for me is after Thanksgiving. It start to feel like Christmas when I see Santa at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. When the last bit of turkey is eaten it’s time for multiple viewings of Elf, peppermint mocha, and beautiful lights. When does it start for you?

*Holiday shopping started long ago hahahaha Gotta spread that cost bomb out a bit.

Didn’t even wait for midnight this year.
All I Want For Christmas Is Mariah Carey Memes - Mariah Carey | Memes
This isn’t even the best one out there hahaha

10 Months Is An Awfully Long Time…

…to go without seeing your family.

But 10 months it has been. My nephew has doubled in size and will have zero idea of who I am. That’s okay though because he’ll know eventually. My family has lead their lives for ten months without seeing me and I without seeing them. I know people go a lot longer but I think this is the longest I have gone. It’s odd. I am going home next week. I know it isn’t 100% safe yet but sometimes you have to take a risk. If something happened to a family member and I didn’t see them when I had the chance – I couldn’t live with that. So I am taking the risk and going. Plus, everyone gets to meet Marty 🙂 He’s coming too! He’s excited for his first road trip (with me anyway – don’t know if it’s his first).

I am excited and nervous. I am always nervous to do that drive – driving in general makes me a little nervous. Thankfully my dude is probably coming with me to help with the drive. It’s also been some time since we all interacted so I hope it goes well. I hope the Tuscon crew can make it to see us.

Then it wont be 10 months till my next visit. I am hoping for Thanksgiving.

Cancellation of the NYC Marathon…

…and my hopes that the Thanksgiving Day Parade doesn’t follow.

Another example of me being selfish – or just voicing my own wants – one of those two things. The Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of my favorite Thanksgiving Day Traditions. It’s a center of celebration and joy for not only those in NYC in person but those who watch it. It’s coming together and taking a minute to appreciate the day with those you love around you. It feels good. The Christmas season can’t really start until you see Santa Claus at the end of the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I look forward to it and it brings me joy. I hope they find a way to have it. I am thinking of it now because of the cancellation of the NYC marathon. I know there are bigger issues to be thinking of but that is what has been on my mind.

It Was the Last Thanksgiving with…

…my family as a unit and I wish someone would have told me.

Thanksgiving is getting near and I have some wonderful plans with my family and friends. I get to go home to Phoenix. It’s going to rain in the desert so I get that wonderful creosote smell. A lot of people have planned a lot of their time in my family to spend the holiday together in shifts. I am thankful for it all, but I can’t help but miss when there was one Thanksgiving dinner with my whole family. I wish someone had told me to savor that last one with the family all together and really soak it in (also the last one that Kellogs made stuffing for but that’s another story).

My last Thanksgiving with my family in tact was when I was 25 (almost a decade ago). I really wish I had known so I could really remember it and soak it in because I don’t. It seems so significant now and didn’t then. I am not saying I don’t enjoy what I have now or that it doesn’t work – I just miss that. Sitting together in the same day in the same meal. I miss not having to plan to equally split my time and arrange several meals. I understand it’s my reality and I don’t even mind it – just miss the original way today.

Is there a time you wish someone would have told you would have been your last time doing something?