Emily In Paris…

…was a cute show but has brought a question into my mind. Would Emily be as successful if she wasn’t thin an attractive? A lot of her career successes seem to be because some guy on her campaigns (or chefs in restaraunts) think she is attractive so they listen to her or do her favors. BUT, what if she wasn’t thin and super model pretty? I think all body types are beautiful but we all know Hollywood and a lot of men don’t agree. So she was bigger or less pretty would she have gotten those favors that propel her career in the show? If we are being realistic – I am going to say no. This isn’t to say this fictional character didn’t have talent in her job, but a lot of her lucky breaks comes from being thin and pretty. It’s a dangerous message to send to young women and young people in general. A man needs to be attracted to you to get ahead in a marketing career. Or is it tool in her box and she has every right to use it? I can see both arguments, although as a real looking woman I want to side with my OG point.

On a positive turn they did have an episode that highlighted the make gaze and sexism. So at least they are trying?

I would really like to start seeing some folks on tv that look more like me. Still with great career and real man – not as a secondary ‘best friend’ character. The only show I have watched that accomplishes this is the Mindy Show which I loved (I realize I am not Indian but she had an actual woman’s body who might eat a fry every now and again).