Watching A Clock Once Again…


During quarantine I did not have to keep an eye on the clock at all times. It was actually one of the few perks. I ate when I was hungry and slept when I was tired. I didn’t have meetings and appointments to keep track of all day everyday (except my live streamed workout class). It was freeing. Now my life to back to constantly watching a clock – mostly for work stuff like meetings, when to take lunch (there are restrictions), not going into OT, and for calculating how much sleep I need to get. If I wake up later and clock in later then I am signing myself up to work later. It’s exhausting after the nice break of not watching it.

I think that was really the first time in my adult life I have not had to hawk eye a clock. Even on vacation I had to watch for flight times, rush hour, when a happy hour starts and ends, when an activity or ticket is. I never realized how much control that clock has over my life and stress level. Now that I do and know I am basically powerless to it, it doesn’t feel great.

Anyway gotta go because that is the end of the 10 minute break and 1.68 hours until my 30 minute lunch. Alarms and clock are setting my p(e)ace and I am not sure I am okay with it…

I Have Seen Creativity…

…kindness, family time, and so much more during this time of self quarantine.

I went on a 5 mile walk today (it’s easier with all this time and a beach nearby) and got to thinking about some of the good side effects of this self quarantine. Keep in mind I am in no way saying that a pandemic or quarantines are good, especially for my salary, but I do think it has helped bring out peoples creativity and an opportunity for family time (of course I say this as someone who isn’t trapped at home with kids all day).

I see so many more family units on walks, at the park, playing catch, and doing all kinds of things. It’s a really cool thing to witness. When I was a kid there weren’t nearly as many options to stare at screens so I played outside a lot. I hadn’t seen much of that – in fact I have had a hard time getting them off their phone when whales and other cool animals are in front of them. So seeing them all out, together, playing and running and having fun is cool

My friends, and people of social media, are SO creative! Especially with their kiddos and keeping them happy and entertained. They had a ‘baking show’ where they live streamed and hosted the show while making cookies, they turned their kids into robots with makeup, the arts and crafts projects are off the charts! It’s so cool to see. They have quarantine date ideas. My favorite suggestion I will be trying to to build a fort and have a picnic in it. That sounds awesome!

As for me, turns out I am a master brunch chef. Seriously my brunches have been good and pretty good for us! Now all I need is a mimosa.

I know it isn’t the best circumstance to have all of this creativity and quality time flowing, but maybe when this is all over we can keep of the things we learned in our everyday lives.

Let’s Talk About Dating…

…in more then just a romantic sense.

I am arranging a steak dinner date tonight for me and my dude. I normally can’t really afford to take him out to much (as you all well know by now) so when I saw a Groupon for a steak dinner for two people that was in the price range I was psyched! This whole thing got me thinking about dating, dates, and what makes a date. While I love romantic, fun dates with my dude I think dating is a bigger concept.

I take myself on dates! I think dating yourself is super important. Mostly, I take myself on movie dates but I have been known to take myself out for a glass of wine as well. If you can’t enjoy your own company, why would anyone else? Plus you don’t have to share popcorn. So get out there and get to know yourself. Going out by yourself is important in my book. You shouldn’t miss out on doing something awesome because no one else is available to go with you. Don’t be afraid to date yourself.

Dates with your friends are super important as well. Schedule time and activities with your friends – they deserve it! Catch up on what is happening on your lives and just have fun- but do it on purpose. Your friends are great! Don’t they deserve the same time, consideration, and effort as your significant other? I know I couldn’t get my without my friends so I try my best to make efforts and time for them. Schedule a date with your friends and you might learn something new about them! You will definitely show them how much they mean to you.

Go on ‘dates’ with your family! Schedule time with individual family members and spend some one on one time together. You will be very glad you took the time and made the effort. I love spending one on one time with my family members. I am always surprised with the things I learn about people I have known all my life – all just by giving them my time and full attention. You can also schedule group dates with your whole family and do something fun and intentional together that isn’t based around a holiday or big life event (i.e. wedding, funeral, birthday, etc.).

I do think that no matter what type of date you are on that you should commit to putting your cell phone away. I don’t mean it banished but do put it away other than emergencies or looking up movie times. Give your ‘date’ your full attention and spend real time with them – even if it’s yourself.

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