The Little Things Matter…

…still aka Part 2.

I have written before about the little things in life being the big things and I wanted to talk more about that. It’s been on my mind lately because I have noticed my dude noticing and being so sweet about my little quirks.

I am a weird person with weird habits. The one he noticed that got me thinking on this topic again is an eating habit. When I eat things that come in pieces (i.e. pizza, orange chicken) I want specific pieces. I don’t know why other then something in my mind thinks they are better. He noticed this and now either specifically asks me which pieces of something I prefer or let’s me dig in first. It’s so small but means so much. It shows he likes me enough to pay attention to those and to cater to them, even if they are weird. That little thing is HUGE.

I am SOOOO excited to see Zombieland DoubeTap that my dude bought us tickets to the super nice, fancy theater to see it. He’s going with me even though he isn’t super into the movie. I can NOT wait for 8:15 pm tonight. Bring your twinkies!

I purchased a big pack of cute Halloween socks to give to my staff and everyone wore them the next day. They loved them and it made them feel appreciated. A very little thing became not only a big token of my appreciation for them but a team bonding item. Themed socks are always a good choice – a little flair to brighten a day.

A former volunteer sent a note to update me on how she was doing just because she wanted us to know; not because she needed a letter of recommendation or confirmation of hours. Simply because she loved being here and missed us. This small gesture completely made my work week.

Remember the little things aren’t as little as you think. What is something little you can do for someone?

Yesterday I Saw A Lot of My Life Goals…

…for different stages of my life.

The spotting of my life goals started when I went to the movies. I have Tuesdays off and that is the discount day at the movie theater. I decided to take myself on a date to see Downton Abbey. There was an older couple sitting next to me. They shared popcorn and when the popcorn was gone they held hands. I have always said I want someone’s hand to hold throughout life and love. I couldn’t help but I hope I get so lucky as to have a hand to hold at the movies in my old age.

The second life goal I spotted was on my ‘ralk’ (my term for my Halloween 5K as it is a mix of walking and running). We have talked about my want to be the cute, fit woman in the sports bra just exercising, enjoying it, and looking awesome. Well she ran by me yesterday – confident, fit, tan, and great runner. Instead of being jealous I am now using her as a frame of reference for this goal. I am sure she started out like me and got where she is through dedication and hard work. Kudos to her and thanks to her inspiration, I ran farther then I ever have before! 1.77 miles is a lot in my world – note I did not say the longest because there was walking mixed in for a total 4.22 miles combined running and walking. Running is slowly getting a little easier and little less forced. I am hoping I finish the Halloween 5K with a decent time.

After my run, I met my work wife at the nail salon for a pedicure. The woman next to me was getting the deluce mani and pedi. I know it’s pedi (petty – pun) life goal but I would so love to be in a place financially that I can do that and not feel guilty. I already feel a bit of guilt for getting the basic pedicure. I life with deluxe manicures and pedicures…ahhhh I feel relaxed just day dreaming about it. She probably gets regular massages too which would be awesome!

My life goals may seem a bit simple but I truly believe that happiness and joy are found in the simple or little things. You already know that if you follow by blog but to drive the point home check out Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee from Zombieland below (his character understood this in his search for a Twinkie in the zombie apocalypse).

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