So Many Streaming Services…

…reminds me a bit of cable.

Streaming is great. Watch what you want when you want. Then they threw in some awesome original content that is super great. BUT – I knew the day was coming where everything would be separated into 25 different streaming services and I would have to pay for each one to watch all the shows/movies I want to. Which is basically cable, except I don’t have to wait for a certain time to watch something or watch commercials. Which is still better then cable, but I also liked that streaming was less expensive then cable. Now that I have to pay for all these services it’s about the same. I knew it would happen and I knew it was coming, but come on man I am poor. Can we make some kind of package with a discount or something?

HBO Max is my latest acquisition. I watched a show called Love Life and really enjoyed it. Highly recommend it. It has other great content as well and seems to have everything the ‘regular’ HBO app had for the same price. Why would I not switch to HBO max and get more content for the same price? So that’s my hot tip of the day for my readers who may enjoy TV. Anyone recommend anything else on HBO Max that is good?

I have started reading ‘The Ship of Brides’ and that will be the next Reading with Rachel post. Wanted to let you know in case you want to read along with us! I am also turning all my books from those posts into traveling books! is the platform I am using so check it out. I like the idea of books bringing free joy, adventure, and entertainment to someone else rather then collecting dust on my book shelf. Just sanitize before you release your book and I think it is still safe with the Rona.

Me, My TV, and…

…how quarantine is changing it.

I have always really liked TV and movies. Shows and movies allow me escape my world for awhile and wind down at the end of the day. They provide social connections to those around you and a way to find common ground with someone you have trouble connecting with.

Lately, with the self-quarantine there hasn’t been much else to do but watch tv (yes I read and I have more books on the way). That is slowly fundamentally changing my relationship with TV to something I am sort of trapped doing. Yes people found a million other ways to spend their time (maybe better ones) but I am having a hard time doing that. My apartment is clean, I workout almost every day, and I still work a bit. I am just out of things to do (insert shrug here). I don’t want TV and movies to morph into something I do because there is no other option but right now that is the case.

I can’t wait until my new books get here.

What has COVID changed in your life? Anything you used to enjoy and relax with that is now starting to change and grate on you?

Or am I just worried I am lazy and I am watching too much TV? Possible.