A Kitty ‘Pawty’…

…and really missing having an animal in my life.

Growing up I ALWAYS had animals. I had dogs, cats, and even a bird. Since I moved out I have been lucky enough to have partial custody of my family cat for awhile and/or the people I have lived with have had wonderful animals I can spoil. Lately – finding myself on my own – I don’t have an animal in my life. I am constantly searching adoption websites and actually have a dog I want to meet BUT as I previously mentioned I can’t really afford an animal if something were to go really wrong and they would need emergency vet services. Working with animals every day has helped but now with self-quarantine I don’t see them too often either. I was trying my best to live with when…

…the cat party! OK it wasn’t really a party but I was out getting my mail and a cat walked about so I started petting it. It was SO sweet and had a pink color with bling on it. Then another cat walked up and wanted love too. I set something off in my heart I had been trying to quiet for some time. I need a pet guys. Seriously. It’s bad.

I know we aren’t supposed to pet peoples animals with whole COVID thing but I just can’t help it. I will never stop petting the animals that let me and like the attention. They are too cute and fill a whole in heart…a dog or cat shaped hole.

The Night’s Watch…

…and getting while the getting is good.

So – I haven’t been completely laid off yet during this pandemic which is awesome but I have been cut down to part time. We had previously been limited to five hours per week. SO – when the option came up for extra hours I jumped on it. The catch is the shift is all night (standing the watch so to speak). I really thought my days of staying up all night to make ends meet where over (I used to stock shelves at World Market) but I guess not. It’s an easy shift (I actually kind of like it) but recovering from that shift is hades. It messes up my sleep and my eating schedule. I appreciate the hours but this schedule is killing me!

I hope that we all get through this soon and working ALL night is almost over. But I have to make ends meet and I am appreciative that I can get some extra hours. So for now, call me John Snow because I am on the Nights Watch. I will keep you posted for when my watch has ended.

14 Year Old Me…

… and 34 year old me still love the show Roswell.

I have never been a big fan of all the show reboots (like Charmed). Have we really run out of fresh ideas? Until Roswell, New Mexico came out.

14 year old me LOVED the show Roswell. If fit everything my inexperienced adolescent heart wanted to a romance/syfy show. So when I heard they were remaking it I got to worried they might destroy it. Then I learned its the same character but in a new story and as adults. My 34 year old heart began to sing. I have really enjoyed the first season and couple episodes of the second season. I like the Alex and Maria are both involved with Michael. The guy who plays Max is super fine (he was in a soap opera I watched and True Blood), and Liz is a scientist which I like a lot.

This leads me to wonder if other things from my personal past can be reinvented and fun! Especially during this self isolation/quarantine time when I have the time to figure it out. Here’s what I have so far…

Movie and Baking Days – I used to have friends over for movie marathons with various baked good to make. It was fun. Maybe there is a virtual way to do this.

MASH Boards – Let’s recreate MASH for what ever stage you are in with making your own p(e)ace. Mine would include what pet to adopt, next city to live in, and which show to binge on Netflix.

Bike Rides – I want to ride a bike for fun again – not for calorie burn and not one that’s stationary. I want a pink beach cruiser that I can ride to the bar, to get a smoothie, and to the beach. Also, I want to relearn how to ride without using the handlebars.

Any suggestions on things we used to do that would be fun to reinvent?

Role Models In the Public Eye…

John Krasinski

If you know me, you know that John Krasinski is one of my all time biggest celebrity crushes. I went to see a scary movie (never do that) because he wrote, directed, and starred in it. His marriage with Emily Blunt is my goal in relationships. Obviously he was great as Jim in the office, but none of that matters in this particular selection. During all this crazy stuff he made a segment called ‘Some Good News’ to talk about the good that is still happening in the world. It made my laugh and cry (good cry). His new hero was a young girl who just completed chemo and he had her on the show. I needed some good news in my life so sincerely – Thank You John Krasinski for bringing it to me and everyone else who watched it. Spread the good.

Additionally, I love that the background was made by his girls.

Why are People Licking…

…weird things like toilet seats?

I have been seeing multiple weirdos posting videos of themselves licking super weird things – like toilet seats. WHY?! I mean the obvious answer is attention but is that really worth it? Is it a ploy to become some sort of weird influencer while most of what people can do is explore social media. But…I mean…under the best of conditions – why on Earth would you lick a toilet seat.

In other news – I donated blood today. This is something I do pretty regularly but it felt really good to do something productive with the extra time. Then I stopped at Costco to get the paper products that are hard to come by nowadays. I don’t want to be caught without toilet paper and no way to get it. When I arrived there was a long line but it moved quickly. It seems longer then it is because everyone has a cart. So I took a chance and got in the line. I got Charmin, Bounty paper towels, and Kleenex! I never thought I would be so happy to spend money on that stuff, but here we are. I am stocked on what I need and couldn’t be happier about that. It was a good way to spend part of my last okay paycheck and will hopefully see me through this pandemic. The people in line weren’t pushy. They weren’t friendly but not crazy either which is fine by me. I saw one of my volunteers while I was there which was nice and reminded me I once had a live and a job outside of this pandemic and gives me hope I will again soon. Maybe this Costco score was a good karma payback! Who knows.

Here’s to good karma…sorry this post wasn’t super exciting or emotional but that was my day and it was good. The world (and I) need every little piece of good available.

Sunshine and Fresh Air…

…have become something to savor.

I have always lived in places that are nice to be outside for most of the year. Most of my careers have required outdoors activities – park ranger, museum activities, working with kids. Phoenix was hot for like 5 months but you went swimming and found ways to be outside for awhile. CA was no different; anytime I wanted to go for walk I could step outside my door and head for the beach. With all of the epidemic stuff happening that seems like a privilege that might be short lived or disappear for awhile. Or at least not be quite as easy as it was.

I went on a walk today with friends and it was amazing BUT there were soooo many people out. Maybe it was because we were in Dana Point Harbor and the weather was amazing but I mostly think it’s because everyone else there has the same concerns I do – that outings like that might not last int he immediate future.

Being outside feels amazing when self-quarantined all day. Even if it’s raining I am down to get wet (that sounded more sexual than I intended). Just breathing outside feels better. Moving my legs too. My job is very physical – I am pretty much constantly moving for at least 3 days of the week. It’s been more then one week of being more sedentary and I can feel it in my body and self esteem I swear. When they say sitting is the new smoking I am now a firm believer of that statement.

Gotta find ways to be more active in self quarantine.

Can't Wait on Weights…

…to do your live streamed workout!

I did the full live streamed RIPPED class this afternoon. I was afraid I would feel ridiculous jumping around my living room but it worked out really well (helps that my floors are hardwood). However, I do not have weights -which you need for two section of the class. No excuses! I filled up my empty wine bottle with water and put a stopper in them and used those as weights. They were a little light but a whole lot better then nothing. It also helps me justify my wine consumption during this shelter in place thing.

After my workout I went to weight myself and I stopped. I had just worked out and felt really good about myself. Why was I going to possibly kill that feeling with a number that is an ok baseline but doesn’t really mean anything. How do I feel? I feel good and that’s what matters. So I put the scale away and took my shower still on my workout high without the damper of a number on a scale I don’t care for. It was a personal victory – I normally give into the impulse to weigh myself without a second thought. Gotta take the small wins.

Don’t skip your workouts (or whatever it is that makes you feel normal) to the best of your abilities. Cardio is important in the apocalypse – remember Zombieland Rule #1!