A Break Before…

…I’m broke.

I got another job working with the census folks. It pays well with a flexible schedule. I am very grateful! I have basically made a living out of talking to strangers so I have a feeling I will be very good at it. I wont starve! Hooray!

After my COVID demotion and pay cut, I still pick up some hours at my old job too (I make much less but it’s something). I am filming tomorrow with a HUGE script that I have one day to memorize and make presentable. I am going to do my best, but I hate doing anything less then prepared. Also, I am putting my own time into preparing –> I don’t get paid for most of it. I know we are all making sacrifices for our nonprofits to survive, but doing that has become so much harder since they sacrificed me without even the courtesy of a phone call (got an email that was clearly copy/pasted from someone else’s because it had their title not mine – I wasn’t even worth getting my old title right). I want to be good so I am gonna do it, but I hope anyone appreciates it, like at all, or even recognizes it. That would be nice. A woman can dream right?

Oh well — Back to memorizing and making more sacrifices.