We Need to Start…

…playing for the same team.

I have said it before, I don’t like to get political on this blog because I don’t like to isolate people by groups or beliefs. Then I got to thinking about the current climate and happenings in this country and realized that not isolating people based on groups and beliefs is what the country needs to be doing. We need to be playing for the same team with the same common goal – equality and peace. We need to respect our differences, address the issues at hand and move forward together. You can’t stop the democratic process because your side isn’t winning. We need to come together for the sake of the team. Biden and Harris are promoting unity while others promote anarchy for their own gain. Let’s move forward as a team. Team USA yes, but bigger then that team humanity.

I would also like to address the crazy inequality of the response of BLM protests (armed Law Guards/Law enforcement) vs. the armed storming of our capitol (nothing and just letting it happen). If you don’t think systemic racism is real please examine that simple fact. White armed folks are allowed to run amuck because they are white supporting a white outwardly racist (because it serves him well) man but when Black people fight for real equality and their lives they are met with violence and crazy force. It’s not okay all the way around.

So I beg of all humans (especially in this country), can we find a way to move forward and solve the issues of this country? Can we let the democratic process move forward with grace and dignity? I really hope so.

I invite polite conversation in the comments section and will not allow the spreading of hate and falsehoods on my platform (however small it may be). This is a place to set your own peace and hear about how I am trying to as well. Hopefully we can set our own peace as a nation, together.

Little Signs…

…of hope for humanity.

Panic shopping has been all over the news lately – specifically with the hoarding of everyday needed items like toilet paper. The ones that hit the hardest are the elderly looking for toilet paper substitutes because other bought way more then they needed. Things like this show a really bad side of humanity in crisis. It’s a true side but really makes me question our values.

On my walk this morning I went by little signs that there are still awesome people in the world. I walked past a little sign in someone’s yard that read “This house believes…that love is love, science is real” and things of the like. I really enjoyed seeing it, reading it, and wondered about the family that lived there. I hope they have kids because they seem like the type of people who should and would raise good kids to be good and compassionate adults.

A little ways down the sidewalk I saw a little library in someones yard. For those that don’t know a little library is a free library where you take a book and drop one off. Sharing adventures in the form of books in a world where we are mostly trapped in the house for the foreseeable future is just a wonderful concept. This person took the time to build it, paint it super cute, and a very cool decal, stock it, and register it just to help people read for free; that’s pretty freakin cool.

I also saw a lot of people walking their dogs, walking with their kids and significant others, and kids actually playing outside. It was a pretty cool site. Keep up the kindness folks and spare a square of toilet paper for a neighbor if they need it.