…is it a good or bad thing?

I want to buy a cheap ticket to NYC in the next 6 weeks to see Aaron Tveit in his last performances as Christian in Moulin Rouge. He is one of big Broadway crushes and I have wanted to see him perform live for awhile. And what better role then Christian?! And what better show to go see. I found a reasonably priced flight and I can afford the tickets. It would stretch me thin for a month or two on fun and food budgets, but I wanna go so badly. I have the freedom in my schedule to do it. I am little worried about knowing where to stay hotel wise and navigating the city alone, but I am pretty sure I could figure it out. Should I do it? I want to real bad. I can be a bit impulsive though. I still regret not seeing Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp in their last tour of RENT. Do I want more Broadway musical regrets? Will I regret going when I have less food to eat in May? All excellent questions. Come What May.

Sometimes I wonder…

…if I am a very selfish person.

I never really thought of myself as a selfish person (I mean who does really?) but lately I think I might be. I think of things a lot from my own perspective which I know is natural, but it sometimes clouds my view of the needs and wants of others to set their own p(e)ace. I need to start seeing that more clearly to be a better person. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think I am a bad person – I just think this is an area I want to improve.

This can be hard for an impulsive person like myself; we want to naturally react of instinct and emotion. Breaking that habit is really hard. I have made some progress but have a ways to go on that front.

Maybe it’s the time of year that has me examining my more selfish actions. Maybe their time has just come to be revised. I am not entirely sure but I hope I am up to the challenge. I pride myself on being a good friend and most of that is being unselfish and looking our for others before yourself. I think I have been looking out for myself a lot lately and it’s time to look out for others more.

Do you have any inspiring stories about putting others needs in front of your own?