Bug Bites Galore…

…that took three days for me to notice lol

As the sun was setting at the last part of the Yosemite Falls hike the bugs appeared. My dude and I were trying to decide if we should stop and put on bug spray or push through to get down before the sun did. Ultimately the bugs got horrible so we stopped to put on the bug spray – thank god. He pretty much immediately noticed his bug bites. I thought dang, I am lucky I got no bites! Yesterday I started scratching the crap outta my arms and noticed about 10 bug bites. It took three days for them to itch. Maybe it was the pain in my feet and my now very dark purple bruise that distracted me from the bites, but now they itch like hell. Just more proof that I did the hike and have the war wound to show it. Also, that I learned to put the bug spray on earlier – especially during dusk.

Bruise update!