I Really Needed That…


Seriously. I feel a lot better after a few days of. Refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. I don’t know why I was feeling so sluggish and awful last week. Maybe I was just tired? But after a few days off with no obligations, no long distance driving, and no emotional sponging, I feel almost all like myself again. Myself has always included anxiety so that being present is normal; I just feel less exhausted and drained. Sometimes you need to give yourself the break your brain and heart requires. That is an important lesson that I am sure I will learn more then once going forward. The rest has been AMAZING. Even with my car battery dying. Find yourself a partner who will drive you to your nail appointment for self care, then take you to 5 different auto shops looking for your battery, install your battery, and put up with your frustration with the battery hunt all in one day. That’s a show of love right there. Bash is back on the road! I suppose I bound to have to replace it soon. 7 years was a good life on the last battery. Now onto the root canal tomorrow. Hurts my wallet more then anything hahaha

Remember to take care of yourselves my friends. It’s important, especially during the expectations and financial stress of the Holiday season.

Is it Frivolous…

…if it makes you feel good?

I really like having my SNS nail dip manicure and regular polish pedicure. It makes me feel pretty, confident, and just plain better. It is definitely an expense ($75 per month). And I am pretty poor – but I work pretty hard. Since it makes me feel so good, is it wrong to spend that amount of money on it? It’s a hard week because I just got my hair done too (first time in 10 months) and I just feel like I have spent a lot on myself and my outward appearance. But these are all things I am judged on in my career. I need to present a put together self and confident self and these things do that for me. I feel amazing after and somehow still guilty about potentially not being able to pay bills months down the road if I get a month with less hours. I suppose I shouldn’t worry about problems that haven’t happened yet and just enjoy doing something for me. Do you all have a thing like this? You love it and it’s good for you, but you also can’t super afford it so then you feel guilty. Let me know below.