Is it Frivolous…

…if it makes you feel good?

I really like having my SNS nail dip manicure and regular polish pedicure. It makes me feel pretty, confident, and just plain better. It is definitely an expense ($75 per month). And I am pretty poor – but I work pretty hard. Since it makes me feel so good, is it wrong to spend that amount of money on it? It’s a hard week because I just got my hair done too (first time in 10 months) and I just feel like I have spent a lot on myself and my outward appearance. But these are all things I am judged on in my career. I need to present a put together self and confident self and these things do that for me. I feel amazing after and somehow still guilty about potentially not being able to pay bills months down the road if I get a month with less hours. I suppose I shouldn’t worry about problems that haven’t happened yet and just enjoy doing something for me. Do you all have a thing like this? You love it and it’s good for you, but you also can’t super afford it so then you feel guilty. Let me know below.

Holy Crap…

…and I mean that quite literally.

Since I talk about up close and personal things like hemorrhoids, therapy, sex, and various other previously considered ‘private’ topics, let’s talk about digestion and digestive troubles. I want to help normalize talking about ‘private’ things so people know there is nothing wrong with them either and it happens to us all.

With that little intro, I almost pooped my pants today and that is NOT an exaggeration. It all started at 2:35 am last night. My dude had just fallen asleep with his arm around me waist when I felt the gurgles in my tummy. I knew what was coming, but I was sleepy and tried to ignore it, which never works. So I spent the next hour battling my digestive system. I laid back down just trying to rest between bouts but thankfully fell asleep. I got up and had my coffee (mistake) and went to my nail appointment. I have been looking forward to it. It’s my splurge and reward to myself for working hard. Midway through I felt the gurgles! I had was mid way through my SNS dip manicure and regular pedicure aka not able to use the bathroom. I closed my eyes and begged my body to hold off until I was done with mani and pedi. Somehow, someway it mostly worked. I had some cramps, but not urgent needs. I thanks my body several times in my mind. I paid, admired my pretty nails and booked it to my car because the urgency was setting in. I drove home, ran into the house, and barely made it. I mean BARELY. I have had more then my share of digestive issues in the past but I have never almost shit my pants. It’s time for some diet changes.

Also, I think because I didn’t have to be up or to work by a specific time, my body just relaxed and released. It just unclenched and everything started moving. Our bodies are amazing and funny things. So, if you have digestive issues you are not alone my friend. Not alone.