Full Cabinets…

…and it feels good.

I decided to dip into the savings a little and fill my cabinets with food. I have been shopping on the skinny meaning the only things I am eating that day or the following. I went to Trader Joes, Target, the Dollar Store, Michaels (cheap and good holiday candles), and an Imperfect Produce order. I now have three kinds of Joe Joe’s, pumpkin for Marty to eat, and stuff to make dinners. I feel better – less rushed. I can’t do it all the time, but right now it feel like a good choice. I never thought that full cabinets would make me feel so reassured. I suppose food is survival so it makes sense I feel more secure. The feeling in relation to groceries just surprised me.

Then I used the money I had leftover to get Marty a haircut and bath. He looks incredibly handsome and smells super good. It makes me feel good to know he’s clean and taken care of by me. Makes me happy.

I suppose my whole overall take away is maybe money can’t buy happiness but is can buy peace. It feels pretty darn good and makes me happy. So, turns out, a little money can buy happiness and a cabinet full of food! People who say it doesn’t have never wondered where their next meal was coming from or how they were gonna scrape together rent.

The Best Day…

…I have had in awhile and all because of a little pink helmet and the man on the bike.

I work weekends; let me clarify that statement; I work EVERY weekend day. I have a love hate relationship with this work schedule. I enjoy weekends at work: it’s my staff and our great vibes. We have a lot of visitors and get a lot done so days always fly by. On the other hand NO ONE else has my days off so they are mostly spent alone. I never see my dude during the day…seriously. There is the occasional trip or special occasion but other then that I only see him for a couple of hours before bed – not ideal.

Yesterday, I had a very rare Saturday off…and it was awesome! It started with being able to sleep…on an actual weekend day. I wasn’t rushing out of the bed to work and neither was he; we just got to lay there enjoying the moment. Then we made breakfast and it was so much fun! Including a mango mimosa which was delicious. Then we sat, ate, and talked for an hour and it was lovely. After breakfast we ran some errands, which probably doesn’t sound exciting to you, but we never get to do that stuff together. So we went to AAA, Trader Joes, motorcycle helmet shopping, and couch shopping. We found the perfect motorcycle helmet for me – pink and on a great sale! It was fate – totally meant to be my helmet. I couldn’t wait to use it but we did need to go couch shopping. I almost said “ah let’s forget about it” because I was so frustrated by looking at couches and wanted to go riding. He said no I think we should go look and he was right! I am so glad he encouraged it. Couch shopping was a lot more fun with my dude then it was alone. He was silly and made it fun while still telling me what he thought of each couch. When we found ‘the one’ he helped me make a plan to move it in (which involves heavy lifting on his part). I can’t forget our snack stop at Fudruckers! I used to go there as a kid and could not stop giggling about being there.

Then we came back home and went on a motorcycle ride to snacks and dinner (we changed location for more practice riding together). It really was the best day. Usually you all only hear about the hiccups in my life so I wanted to share this kind of magical weekend day off too. I have said it before and I will say it again, it’s the little lovely moments and gestures that make life awesome and yesterday was full of them.

Destined to be mine