Getting A Break…

…and having a great day.

Today is our Spooky Seas event and it is a night event so I got to come into work late…on a Saturday! That means I had the morning with my dude like a regularly scheduled person and it was soooo great. We slept in then got breakfast. Then we went on a motorcycle ride and stopped at pretty views and for a malt. Then we snuggled and watched some TV. It was so great. It’s given me a taste of what having weekends is like and having actual day time off with my dude and I liked it. I liked it a lot. This morning made me so over the moon happy that I think it might be time to start seeking a job that will allow this on a more regular basis.

We’ve been talking about the little things and there were so many wonderful little moments in this morning and I want more opportunity to have those and set my own p(e)ace. After four years I am hoping my working every single weekend day will end soon. Until then, I will continue to enjoy weekends here as much as I can.

Also, I need to stop spending my own money on work stuff. I really feel for the teachers out there that spend their own money all the time, especially since neither profession makes a whole lot in the first place. Support teachers and local nonprofits! And I am saying this as a 34 year old woman with no kids…if I had the money I would sponsor a class room for the year so wonderful teachers can keep all the money they earn making educating the next generation (and who join me in working some weekends). Hit me up teachers out there — we will hit a happy hour and discuss our lives and ways to save money.