The World Is Spinning…

…in many ways and will continue to do so – even when you wish it would stop for a second.

The cold from hell is not only still here but seems worse because it’s throwing my balance off – my literal and figurative balance. Even as I type I feel a little dizzy but just sitting and binge watching Netflix is starting to drive me nuts. I have completely lost my appetite – nothing sounds good. Yesterday I ate basically nothing which I think is contributing to the spinning/dizzy feeling. So I had a burger and my digestive system isn’t thrilled. It’s a bit worse then before I ate. My nose is all chapped up and my upper lip along with it. Additionally, I sound like a chain smoker. the 6th day of this cold with little to no relief is miserable. I know it’s a cold, everyone gets them and there’s much worse and I shouldn’t complain, but I needed to complain a little.

When I feel bad physically, it’s easier to feel bad emotionally and let the anxiety and fears get louder. It gets harder to use my tools from therapy to see reason instead of playing a round of “let’s jump to the worst possible conclusion and think that’s what’s happening.” An old habit I hate. My spinning head is creating spinning in other areas. But the fact that I can see it and write about it is good. It means I have gained clarity on myself with age or experience, which is reassuring.

The lesson here is what even though the Earth will continue spinning and your head may continue spinning due to your cold, you do have the power to stop the emotional spinning. Don’t let crappy physical feelings give you crappy emotional feelings. Stop, breathe, and examine the facts around you and search your head and heart rather then your anxiety. You control your feelings – they do not control you.

Alrighty, that is my foggy cold medicine induced wisdom of they day. Thanks for being a nice distraction when I feel craptastic for what seems like the millionth day.

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