Let’s Talk About…

…stomach issues.

I woke up at 4:30 am ish with the worst cramps in my uterus area. I seriously thought I might appear on the “I didn’t know I was pregnant’ show on TLC is hurt that bad. So I got up to stretch to see if that would help. That made me feel like I was gonna throw up and I did. It helped a little and I was able to lay down again then we up like a shot two hour later with digestive issues – bad and urgent digest issues.

I have always had a very sensitive stomach and digestive system. This was especially problematic in school where the bathrooms are communal. So embarrassing. I am writing this post to remove the embarrassment from bathroom issues. It’s something we all deal with (maybe not as often as me but still). I know there are bigger causes to bring to light -> this was just on my mind today.

Also, my dude was so nice. He got up to make sure I was okay. I felt bad for waking him up but he’s so sweet when I have stomach stuff happening. That’s love right there!

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