So, So Sore…

…but in a good way.

I went to my first RIPPED class in months on Friday morning. I am STILL sore today, Monday – but it’s a good sore. It hurts in the good way I had almost forgotten about in my workout slump. It’s a nice feeling. BUT – even better – we did the class live and in person. Don’t worry we were outside on a basketball court with a bunch of space between each person. It felt SO good to be back with everyone. It is so much more fun to workout with my little fit family. I was a tad worried they wouldn’t recognize me with my weight gain, but like I recall, it was a judgement free zone where starting over is welcomed and cheered. It made me feel slightly more normal again. I need to be better with the at home workouts because they can’t all be together yet, but for now I am still riding high from the fit fam reunion. Lot of water and more stretching to relieve the lactic acid, but it’s nice to be reminded of my muscles and to wake them up.

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