Embarrassing Moments Happen…

…and you just have to role with ’em.

I got an instacart order last night. The shopper guy was super cute. (got wine so he had to see my ID). I texted my roommie that she should give him her number because he was HOT. I reall emphasized that. That’s when I realized I sent it to my dude and not my roomie. SO EMBARRASSING! OMG I stopped breathing for a second. Luckily he is the chill human being he is and wasn’t too phased by it. Thank God! I immediately told him about it and apologized. Later I thought I should have gone into his phone and deleted the text. Then I thought that’s pretty fucked up and going in peoples phone is a violation of privacy. I never could have done it – or at least done it and not told him. Guilt woulda killed me. Phones are people private business and property. Even if it woulda been for a good cause such as delete an embarrassing text. Just not cool.

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