The Way Down…

…was so much harder.

One week ago I went on the most difficult hike of my life to the top of Yosemite Falls (this will be my last post about it I swear lol). I was thinking today how much more difficult the way down was. I was good on the way up, on the way down I needed a lot of support and help. It got me thinking about how many things in life this sentiment applies to. It’s easier to hustle and move up with a clear goal, it’s harder to descend. To slip and trip because your momentum is going down. We all talk about the way up and finally reaching the top, but what about going back down? You can’t live on the top of the mountain forever. You have to start to come down so that other’s can hike up and enjoy the view and the victory. You also cheer those on who you see on their way up. There is some relief in the way down but it’s also painful and tests you in whole other ways. Maybe I am over thinking it or getting too deep – it just really got me thinking. Onto the next attempt to the top I suppose.

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