Taking Care of Myself…

…feels selfish.

And, if I am honest, kind of good. It’s a weird combination of feelings. Where is this coming from? I decided not to go back to AZ for Thanksgiving, even though I could. There are several reasons; the long drive both ways, being an emotional sponge and sucking up all the not great emotions that go into prepping a holiday meal like Thanksgiving, splitting time, being exhausted from all the stuff before. It sounds so selfish, but I want to relax and do things on my time. I want to watch the Macy’s Day parade. I want to not worry that I am not doing enough to help out and will definitely be judged for it later. If I am home, I avoid that situation. I just get to hang with my dude who will happily work on his drone and hang out with me while I watch the parade and drink mimosas without expectation or judgement. Of course I know hosting and making dinner is it’s own set of stress and challenges, but always being the one to travel and run takes it’s toll too. I am going to take the time off to relax and hopefully not end up more tired then I started. It’s selfish, true. But I think I am going to be selfish on this one.

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