Is My Voice Inaudible…

…because people have been talking over me all day.

It is driving me crazy. Seriously. Every meeting I am in today it’s like the other people can’t hear me speak. I say things and they just start talking over me. Like I am not done talking. I want to hear your point and I can’t if you are speaking while I am speaking. Then they just speak louder. I don’t want to be that rude so I just let them talk and give up. You’ve made up your mind so I don’t know why I am on this meeting. I am in charge of some of these decisions and still my voice doesn’t matter. Can anybody hear me? I am loud. Trust me. I can project. So I know it’s a choice to not hear me.

I just want to not be cut off mid sentence because others think they’re opinion is more important. I also want to be able to hear your opinions because they matter to me. It’s hard to hear it when I am talking.

I can’t wait to head to the bar after work and wash away this feeling…

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