Audible with Andrea…

…and the first audible book I really did not enjoy.

I have truly enjoyed my audible experience, I just didn’t like this book. I liked the narrator – she did a great job. I did not like the book for several reasons. The first being that it perpetuates women against women to get to the top. First, by the main character, Katie, thinking that her boss will smoosh anyone necessary to get to the top without really knowing her. Then she has a chance to get revenge on her boss and takes it. She is intentionally cruel, which her boss never was. Absent minded and insensitive, sure. But what’s worse? Second, with the women who team up to get that boss fired. We have to STOP doing this or writing about it or watching movies about it. Women should help other women. People should help other people. Don’t paint a picture of professional women like that. Villians looking to destroy one another. How very original (can you hear the sarcasm?). Secondly, they introduced the fuck boy who wont change for any woman UNTIL he meets the right one. Saying that you can change a person and who they are at their corps with enough love. YOU CAN’T. The sooner we all learn that the better. Also, Alex (his character) didn’t need changing. If that is his life then that’s his life. He wasn’t shy about it. He’s allowed to be who he is, he didn’t need fixing. Even if he did, it’s not Katie’s job to fix him. Nor is it realistic to say that she could of. Katie also just wrote him off because she thought she knew him based on others opinions so that was on her. But of course he comes back from his journey confessing love, she gets the perfect job and defeats the ‘villians.’ Boring, predictable and stereotypical.

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