Basic Function Mode…

…is all I have been able to do for the past week.

It has been a bit since I posted and shared my thoughts and life with you all because I have really only had the bandwidth for basic functioning. Work, Marty care, eat and rest. My brain shutdown last week on everything else and is honestly still recovering. It wasn’t any one thing that sent me to this place but everything combined really. It was all just too much and I overloaded. My brain said no more. I haven’t really been communicating with anyone beyond necessity and I just haven’t had the energy or the will to go above and beyond with anyone or anything. Basic functions to live and breathe and get the job done. Best I could do the past few days. Honestly, I am pretty proud of myself for doing that. I feel like the world has been smacking me down lately. Probably means I am headed for a good karma up swing though. No more lessons this week please. Can’t take it no more. Just as much rest as possible.

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