…is a constant.

Even things you thought would never change wind up changing. This is my biggest life lesson to date. For example, when I was young I never thought my parents would get divorced and here we are. I always thought I would spend all big holidays with my family but I can’t remember the last Thanksgiving I spent with them. My mom just moved to a different city which is kind of weird. 3 years ago I really thought my dude and I were endgame but here I am on dates again. Things I was so sure of shift. That is just life I suppose – it was just an weird thing I was thinking about earlier. I suppose life would be pretty boring if everything stayed stagnant and nothing ever changed. It is just hard sometimes. Especially when those changes seem to be leaving you behind. Everyone is moving around you and seems to have forgotten you are back there somewhere – in their past. I wonder who I haven’t met yet that is a part of my future? Eventually, there will be someone in my life who doesn’t seem to be looking at me their rear view mirror or through cursory side glances. I hope so anyway. Until then I will just have to look after and love myself.

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