The End of August Has Arrived…

…and all my mind hears is “This is Halloween This is Halloween!”

Although the current heat wave is making it a little harder. Although I grew up in Phoenix, AZ so it was never real cold on Halloween or anytime surrounding Halloween. I can’t wait to decorate the apartment and go shopping for Fall items! OMG it’s going to be awesome. As a desert dweller I am taught to fear and hate Summer. I don’t mind admitting I am the Basic Witch who loves all things Fall and especially Halloween!

I woke up again with anxiety over work and worrying I am dropping the ball and doing a bad job. It wasn’t as bad as the previous night but enough to make me tired today. Anxiety doesn’t just poof go away when you figure it out – it continues to flow through your body for awhile. Or at least it does for me. It flows in blood for awhile making all my cells buzz a little with it. That is the best way I can think to describe it. I hope it doesn’t happen again tonight. It is becoming a problem.

First Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew…

…of the season!

I allowed myself my first Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew today and to switch to my new Loungelfy Hocus Pocus mini backpack and I love it! It is the start of my favorite season. If you are thinking it’s too early in the season and I say I waited as long as I could possibly control myself. It brings me joy – take that shit somewhere else. You wanna put up your Christmas tree now? DO IT! You wanna hold on to those last days of summer well into winter? DO IT. Do what gives you joy and makes your days a little more fun. Embrace your ‘basic’ – it takes a sense of courage to like what you like when someone is trying to label you. Wear the label with pride and take it back – but we’ve talked about this in previous years 😉

Today’s theme enhanced Halloween Style with one of the best

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