First Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew…

…of the season!

I allowed myself my first Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew today and to switch to my new Loungelfy Hocus Pocus mini backpack and I love it! It is the start of my favorite season. If you are thinking it’s too early in the season and I say I waited as long as I could possibly control myself. It brings me joy – take that shit somewhere else. You wanna put up your Christmas tree now? DO IT! You wanna hold on to those last days of summer well into winter? DO IT. Do what gives you joy and makes your days a little more fun. Embrace your ‘basic’ – it takes a sense of courage to like what you like when someone is trying to label you. Wear the label with pride and take it back – but we’ve talked about this in previous years 😉

Today’s theme enhanced Halloween Style with one of the best

Enjoy the little things" Zombieland | Rule 32, Enjoyment, Movie quotes

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