Flowers Sent By…

…the universe (and a kind florist) restored my day.

I was having a rough start to my Sunday. I had been at work and it just didn’t go as planned. I left a comfy bed, my pup, and my dude to be there to have a disappointing and disconcerting few hours. I parked in a place I don’t normally park. I got out of my car and saw a couple walking away with some pretty pink flowers (pink is my color). I noticed they were talking to someone about a flower shop. I saw flowers in a bin and though they are so pretty and she must be selling them. I planned to ask her how much they were, they were so lovely and something I knew I needed, but she was walking away. I thought maybe there is a venmo option on the bin of lovely flowers. When I reached the bin it said ‘Flowers for free. Leftover from the week from a local florist.’ It didn’t have a Venmo or even which Florist. It was a completely selfless act. Instead of getting rid of the flowers or selling them for half price or something, she put them into the world to make peoples day. It certainly made mine. I am looking at them in my kitchen and not only do they make me smile, but they restore my faith in folks and the universe in general. So to the mystery florist in North Park, if you ever happen to read this, know that your act of kindness really made a difference to me. Know how much I appreciate it. I hope I can put the same love back into the world a little bit.

The Little Things Matter…

the most!

I have always thought that the little things in life are the important ones. It’s never taken much to amuse me and make me laugh and I live a pretty happy life because of it. A tiny treat in my day can completely make it. A small compliment can bring about a smile faster then most things.

Last night, after a very nice anniversary date, I felt quite sick to my stomach. (This confirms that my lactose sensitivity is growing as we had mud pie which is mostly ice cream). I ended up being sick in his bathroom and when I came out he had picked me two pink and white flowers for my hair (the same type of flowers I have tattooed on my side) and it was the sweetest thing. Then we laid down on a giant bean bag chair and just rested together – he acted as if I hadn’t just been sick in his bathroom. These two small acts are exactly what I needed in that moment.

Most people likely think we are a bit nuts for trying again but in these small moments I know why. In these small acts of kindness I know his heart and who he is and how it matches mine in a lot of ways.

What little things make your day?